Participating Artists


Live Auction (by lot #)

1. Wenda Shelter, Summertime Blues, Oil

2. Patricia Gordon, Aimless Dreaming, Oil

3. Madeleine Hopkins, Ogunquit Beach, SpringOil

4. Michael Milczarek, Morning Juice, Oil

5. Karen Jones, Along the Road, Acrylic

6. Sandra Kavenaugh, Essex Reflections, Oil

7. David Stone, Barns at Castle Hill, Photography

8. Mike Dorsey, Castine Morning, Oil

9. Linda Stefanidakis, Quiet Morning Marsh, Oil

10. Sandra Chase Morrissey, Ocean Action, Acrylic

11. Janis Sanders, After the Rain, Oil

12. Annalee Johnson, Summer Marsh, Oil

13. Jay McCarthy, Siesta Key Village, Florida, Photography

14. Susan Spellman, Essex August, Oil

15. Karen Lynch, Snow Owl, Photograph

16. Rosalie Cuticchia, Circularity, Oil

17. Bonita LeFlore, Sail on Silver Girl, Acrylic

18. Patty DeGrandpre, Make Up Sex, Printmaking

19. Jack Fowler, Oceanscape #14, Photography

20. Sara Demrow Dent, Our Garden, Acrylic & charcoal 

21. Ryan Kelley, Maker's Dozen, Sculpture

22. Tracy Meola, Last One, Acrylic

23. Margette Leanna, Blueberry Patch, Acrylic

24. June Munro, Still Life - Pear, Oil

25. Gordon Przybyla, Untitled, Oil Stick & Pastel 

26. Brent Rotsko, Marsh View, Oil

27. Donald Jurney, Willows and Mist, Oil

28. Margery Jennings, Autumn Marsh, Morning Oil

29. Rosalie Sidoti, Ode to the Island, Oil

30. Daniel J.Shaw, The Last Stop, Oil

31. Nella Lush, Joppa Flats, Oil

32. Lee Rowan, Nest & 6 Eggs, Pastel

32A. Robin Luciano Beaty, Quiescence #12, Encaustic

33. Maria Nemchuk, Majestic Waves, Oil

34. Susan Luca, Marsh Display, Oil

35. Suzanne Papin, Spontaneous, Mixed Media

36. Phyllis Kaplan, Ready & Waiting, Watercolor

37. Rz Sadowski, Picasso's Portrait of Dora Maar, Acrylic

38. Cheryl Dyment, Urge to Grow, Oil

39. Linda Tasker, Days Gone By, Oil

40. Robin Thornhill, The Day Dawns, Pastel

41. Debbie Shirley, Free HBO, Acrylic

42. Pat Doherty, Fall Sunset - North Shore, Oil

43. Ron Emmerling, Rooftops, Acrylic

44. Joanna Doyle, Portrait of Your Dog, Oil

45. Jessica Hachmeister, Blue Lights, Acrylic

46. Fran Butsavich, November Sun, Pastel

47. Steven Lush, Water Street - Newburyport, Watercolor

48. Hillary Scott, Distant Dreams, Oil

49. Skip Montello Stone, Warrior #2, Photography

50. Dale Partis Greene, Sailing, Acrylic

51. Michelle Champion, Sailing Lessons, Acrylic

52. Cara Gonier, Postlude, Acrylic

53. Kathleen Bennett, Plum Cove Sunrise, Oil

54. Wolfgang Ertl, Monhegan Evening 2, Pastel

55. Jeannette Steele Esposito, Incartata, (Friendship ME), Acrylic

56. Ann Gillespie, After the Storm, Pastel

57. Ethan Lima, Sun Rocks, Oil

58. Susan Cole Kelly, Meadow Song, Mixed Media

59. Christine Molitor Johnson, Rolling In, Oil

60. Pat Forbes, Weaving I, Acrylic

61. John Ellis, Summer Wave, Acrylic

62. Peggy Luderer, Annisquam Harbor Light Station, Oil

63. Karen Fitzgerald, Flying Low, Plum Island, Watercolor

64. Emily Corbato, Sanctuary, Photography

65. Skip Motes, Marsh Motif in Red I, Pastel

66. Jeff Ventola, Angels & Demons, Pastel


Silent Auction

Nancy Cahan, Night Vessel, Sculpture

Sam Davis, The Boardwalk at Night, Photography

Suzanne DeGeorge, Pretty in Pink 2, Photography

Michael Doran, The Apple Stand, Watercolor

Susan Dosick, Down the Rabbit Hole, Printmaking

Diane  Francis, Summer Day, Acrylic

Lee Gordon, Horizon Arise, Fine Crafts

Peter Grimshaw, Masconomet Morning, Photography

Averill Haines, Here and There, Oil

Nancy Jarvis, Summer Marsh, Oil

Ann Jones, Conversations, Watercolor

Barbara Kremer, Newburyport Marina, Watercolor

Marjet Lesk, Summer in the Marsh, Oil

Kim Litle, Shell Bowl, Fine Craft

Brad Matthews ,Philosophical, Sculpture

Barbara Naeser, Ravenswood, Oil

Paul J. Noel, Set Sail At Sunset, Watercolor

Paul Osborne / Catherine Davis, Flower Quartet, Photography

Mary Arthur Pollak, On Location IV, Printmaking

Margaret Poppe, Ice on the Artichoke, Watercolor

EdwardRice, Island Road Marsh, Ipswich,Watercolor

Janet Sutherland, Eternal, Oil

Amy Vander Els, Arco, Mixed Media

Mary Webber, Peonies, Oil

Debra Woodward, The Hollar on the Turquoise Trail, Photography

Heidi Caswell Zander, Tidal Edge, Oil

Marsha Zavez, Donut Anyone?, Oil